GUESTHOUSE KLOBENSTEIN in Koessen on the smugglers trail in Tyrol

The Bavarian-Tyrolean border runs only 50 meters/yards behind the Klobenstein. This area used to belong to the convent Frauenchiemsee and the farmers on either side of the border maintained not only family relationships. Smuggling boomed in any time.  Hence the name: smuggler trail!


Below the cloven rock is a spring.  Part of the spring water is directed to the chapel where it is enjoyed by many people who believe the water to have a healing power.
The other part of the water is channeled through pipes directly to the guesthouse.  An ultramodern drinking water purification facility makes sure the water can be consumed without hesitation.  The water quality is excellent.

Below the cloven rock is a spring.

The Würm glaciation lasted for about 100,000 years and ended approximately 10,000 years ago.  During warmer periods meltwater ran through crevasses down to the bed of the glacier.  The water took with it pebbles and sand,   sometimes even boulders.  These swirling moulins hit the rock bed at high velocity and high pressure creating cavities in the course of thousands of years.  Thus "giant's kettles" were created with a diameter of several meters/yards.  Only recently several clearly visible giant's kettles were discovered near the Guesthouse Klobenstein at the narrowest part of the Tyrolean Ache, the "Entenloch" gorge.  
On both sides of the border - in Schleching (Germany) and Kössen (Austria) - activities are underway to make these geological attractions accesible for guests.  Maybe there will be a nature trail soon.

GUESTHOUSE KLOBENSTEIN in Koessen on the smugglers trail in Tyrol

The Tyrolean Ache has its source past Kitzbühel at the Thurn pass and flows with a large delta into the Bavarian lake Chiemsee.
The Entenloch gorge is a narrow part in the rocks through which the Tyrolean Ache has to pass. These creates rather dangerous whirlpools that are very popular with rafting and kayak enthusiasts. Rafting activities are led from Kössen (Tyrol) and Schleching (Bavaria).

The rope bridge connects the Klobenstein to the smuggler trail. The trail runs above the river and is ideally suited for hiking. You can start in Ettenhausen, Bavaria, or in Kössen, Tyrol.

The Kössen bedding:
Another attraction for geologists can be found in the famous Kössen bedding, limestone planes of the prehistoric ocean, from which the Alps rose in folds.

GUESTHOUSE KLOBENSTEIN in Koessen on the smugglers trail in Tyrol
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